The Unfair Advantage

Everyone has his own set of unfair advantages, and there is no shame in leveraging them.

“You already have what it takes to succeed”, The Unfair Advantage.

This is an important distinction to make, we all have unfair advantages to tap into and it’s all fair. There is one basic message I need you to grasp here, for yourself above all. Why? because it helped me realize some of the hidden potential ‘advantages’ as an individual that I neglected before today. Once I took a different approach to these advantages, I gained more resources to help me in my journey.

Hasan Kubba, the co-author of The Unfair Advantage, highlighted how in life we all don’t operate on the same playing field. Life is unfair, Period. Which is a hard truth to swallow sometimes, but understanding this will help you look back at your personal unfair advantages. And yes, we all have one which can fall into one of the following five categories of the Miles Framework:

  1. Money
  2. Intelligence & Insights
  3. Location & Luck
  4. Education & Expertise
  5. Status
The Miles Framework, The Unfair Advantage.

To find out more about these categories, I would highly recommend watching Ali Abdaal’s Book Summary in What Makes People Successful? video.

Why is this important to our conversation in this series? Because this was the door the authors used to unlock something called a “Transformational Creator”. Which is built upon the most valuable unfair advantage, Intelligence & insight.

“A TC is an educational creator who helps their audience level up”.

Back in January 2022, I attended the The Unfair Advantage and Transformational Creator Workshop conducted by Hasan himself and it was quite the eye opener. He defined value as helping people and “What people are craving is support in improving themselves“. Then he started talking about something called the ‘Creator-Audience Fit’, and that resonated heavily with the entrepreneur in me and the notion of a ‘Product-Market Fit’.

The Creator-Audience Fit is simple. If you have a good idea and a great story, there is a market for it. Speak their language, and that will snowball your growth. A helpful exercise here is to define your ideal audience avatar i.e. your target audience. In some case, it will be a younger version of yourself. And start talking! By identifying their emotional drivers, you can help them go from their fears and frustrations to their dreams and desires. And a little bit of empathy, goes a long way here.

🎧 What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I’ve been caught up in a tornado of back to back meetings, and a steady flow of curve balls. Which is all fair given a few ‘certain’ professional projects I’m leading at the moment. Time blocking and delegation has been powerful allies recently helping me manage the unprecedented load. That, and a whole lot of trust in people. That’s why I haven’t been able to publish much recently, I haven’t stopped writing. But I think I should keep trying to be consistent in formatting and publishing. Though not at the expense of my duties, because this is one habit I want to keep developing.

📚 Additional Resources

The Unfair Advantage: How Startup Success Starts With You is the official book by Hasan Kubba and Ash Ali (co-author). Still on my reading list, and I’m curious to see if they provide any tools leveraging the idea of an ‘unfair advantage’.

How To Think Like A Life Coach - Hasan Kubba is Ali Abdaal’s Deep Dive interview with Hasan highlighting some of the concepts in the book. Moreover, they delve into coaching frameworks that apply in your own life. This is part of his podcast, so if you prefer listening links are in the description.

The Unfair Academy is Hasan and Ash’s new website where their transitioning into digital creators and offering courses built on their book. You can tell it’s a work in progress, but hey that’s the life of a creator.

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