The Simplicity of Innovation

Innovation is simple and doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. The simpler the things, the better. Anyone can do it, as long as they follow the basic idea management process:

  1. Generating Ideas
  2. Capturing Ideas
  3. Processing, Constructing, and Harvesting Ideas
  4. Evaluating and Protecting Ideas
  5. Implementing Ideas
  6. Measure Results and Outcomes

I’ll delve into this theory further in a separate article one day.

✅ Innovation is a discipline, a system, a step by step process.

It has values and principles, a certain mindset and sometimes even a worldview that is different. That we live in a perfect world and nothing is impossible, well at least as a starting point then we have to flip everything upside down. I’ll tell you more about that later in a different conversation.

🗺 Follow the discipline and the likely hood of achieving results is higher, respectfully the risk of failure diminishes. Stray away from the path and the opposite is just as true.

Safe to say that the formula of the de-risking process is simple and straightforward. Shortcuts do not work here! They only increase the ‘risk’ involved and makes it harder to mitigate. Save yourself the trouble and keep true to the spirit of innovation, collaboration is the name of the game.

🧭 That doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from exploring, actually by all means keep going but be conscious of the process.

To explore and follow curiosities while challenging the current status quo, don’t be afraid to drift a bit on an intellectual opportunity that presents itself! But be mindful of the level of discipline you need to achieve when transitioning from one step of the process to the next.

“Shoot for the moon, Even if you miss, You’ll land among the stars”

- Les Brown.

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