The Rise of the Creator Economy

In the past 15 years, we have witnessed global economical shifts and trends that went mainstream which have affected the way we view business today.

Starting with the corporate mindset and securing a full-time job to earn a living.

Then it was the dawn of entrepreneurship and creating a startup that will disrupt industries.

After that it was the investment boom through venture capitalism which resulted in more finances than quality pipelines.

Yesterday, it was innovation in all forms be it programs, corporate, and even venture builders.

Finally, today we are witnessing a new wave that will transcend them all which is the creator economy. One that is fueled globally and will take shape soon herein.

Individuals across the globe are paving the way forward by finding their respective niches and creating value to the market.

Some of them with a mere thousand loyal followers that generate income equivalent to a full timer. Others in the millions of followers that are generating 6 figures once they went mainstream. The true benefit here is, so can you, and everyone else in your community.

You can become one, a creator that enjoys his journey while breaking away from the concurrent mainstream life.

Welcome to the life of a digital nomad and prolific creator!

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