How A Personal Dilemma Changed My Life Forever

We all go through challenges and struggles, some can get stuck in the rollercoaster of life, others see them as opportunities and new beginnings.

So let me start by telling a personal story, around last new years in 2022 I reached a rock bottom stage where I felt lost. Completely disorganized and caught up in life, couldn’t fulfill my duties as a son, husband, father, not even as a friend. This came about from many places but regardless, the feeling was raw and real. Even close to being called a depression!

So I decided to ask for help and reach out to my closest brother and childhood friend.

Someone I really trusted and looked up to, Why? Because life took a toll on him with above average responsibilities, on both the personal and professional levels. Yet he seemed really collected, authentic, and constantly developing himself against all odds. Indeed, he always demonstrated thankfulness to Allah swt despite everything.

Anyways, I went to our ritual challah gathering and told him what I have been going through and how I felt at that point in my life.

His advice took a shape of it own and launched me toward a new path that both inspired me to move forward and build a new future for myself. I would be honored to share this journey with you, in aspiration it may have a positive impact on you like it did on me. Everything changed, and I will never be the same again. Nor will I fall back into that spiral of a dark place.

Once I told him everything, he started to share his own personal journey and the things he was working on. The books he was reading and how this new thinking perspective helped him unlock a new path for himself and he was able to look himself in the mirror with content. He showed me the different references, tools, and how to approach it all without getting overwhelmed.

And it all started with this book called “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

He said more than ten times in our setting, all your answers are in this book and boy he was right. Once you understand the discourse and start looking inward, everything falls into place. After that he began sharing the rest of his formula and even provided me with a personal guide to help me navigate this new system.

We began to realize that if we wanted to change the situation, we first had to change ourselves. And to change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions. - Stephen R. Covey

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