The One Page Plan

If you’re not living your best life, Everything has to be up for change.

Moe Choice

A while ago, when I started my personal transformation journey. I stumbled upon an extremely enthusiastic individual named Moe Choice. I attended his Solopreneurship Mastery workshop thinking it is exactly about that, how to become a solo entrepreneur. Little did I know, it was something completely different. Interesting nonetheless! Solopreneurship is about finding your vision and achieving it. I conducted a few couching sessions with him, and I’m grateful for every minute of it. He is what I’m calling a generalist productivity expert, and the perfect starting point to rethinking your personal goals. Simple and in a One Page Plan.

Moe highlighted how solopreneurship is about finding your vision and achieving it, though the vision is not a set of goals. A vision is how you would feel once you achieve those goals, it takes you a level deeper where you think about the type of life you want to reach once you achieve those goals. It is the world where you experience the things you want to experience. "Start with why, but focus on how", and remember "A shit plan is better than no plan".

You have to focus on yourself, and the kind of life you want to reach as experiences. There is a key distinction between a goal and a vision, where a goal is a target or aspiration to be reached and a vision is the type of experience you want to reach. Make goals practical and attainable within the desired timeframe, though reflect on the state of mind you achieve once you attain those goals.

Once I’ve done the One Page Plan and wrote out the top 7 goals for 2022, we went through a couching session where he asked me What experience you have once you reached them? My answer was:

  • I keep going
  • I find myself fully
  • I'm motivated
  • Doing what I believe in
  • I follow the path I choose

Then he highlighted that A vision is a world where I'm experiencing the Inherent values, mine was:

  • Freedom
  • Challenge
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Creativity

The key takeaway I want to share with you is:

You have to reflect on your inherent values, what you think they are, and what you aspire to inherit.

Instead of figuring out what you have to do, figure out who you need to be.

Turns out Freedom Autonomy is #1 trait of humanity.

🎧 What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Trying my best to enjoy the journey wherever it may lead me, taking a step back and trusting in people. Delegation hasn’t been the easiest lesson to learn, I mean how do you go from all hands on deck to taking a step back and letting other people take the lead. From being the main voice of a program for a whole week to spending only a couple of minutes on stage. Finding the balance in managing, or shall I say leading a few, people has been by far the hardest lesson to learn.

You know what, screw it. I feel like busting Back Up A Few by MC Shadeed in the morning. Take the mic and light the stage on fire. If my intuition is telling me enjoy the rollercoaster, then maybe if I listen it’ll be the ride of a lifetime.

📚 Additional Resources

The One Page Plan is the core exercise I'm hoping you go through for yourself, it's an interesting reflection of your current priorities. And will help you to figure out what are the important things in your life, the ones that actually mean the most.  

Moe Choice has an official website where he announces all upcoming masterclasses. I would recommend attending at least one of them, his energy is contagious and messages are as simple as it gets.

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