The Anchor of Innovation

Just like in good research endeavor, one needs an anchor person to bring him back when needed.

⚓️ An anchor of innovation is a person who helps in the thought process. They bring you back to earth if you drift too far into space.

Getting lost while we immerse into the potential of a prospect idea is a normal thing, it is to be expected. In entrepreneurship, we sometimes use facilitators and moderators as an anchor to a team of 3–5 members. A group of creative minds that has to be anchored back to the purpose of the session.

In other words, seek your anchor when you’re trying to innovate. A certain level of trust and respect must be established, then added value feedback and encouragement. It is not easy to innovate, so it doesn’t help if someone is not supporting the process rather than harnessing engaged minds. The courage it takes for participants to speak and share their thoughts, is both humbling and an honor.

👨🏻‍🎨 Either find the anchor in the group, or design it into the process.

Sometimes you will need cheer luck when conducting an innovation session with a group that is harmonious and an anchor organically emerges. Other times you will have to take the role of an anchor, a facilitator, or design it into the innovation activity. Hint, they are not that hard to find, they tend to stand out and bring a positive contribution into group discussions.

✍🏼 Just like in research, an anchor is critical to ensuring the output is both tangible and clear to take forward.

It is not all dreams and roses, the bravery required and mastery in the art of improvisation is challenging even for those of us who has experienced it before.

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