The 9th Condition: Collaboration is Key

In math, one plus one equals two. But in a collective, one plus one equals twelve.

An innovation based culture is one of collaboration, without it the whole foundation comes crumbling down. Only when people come together in synergy does innovation flourish, I’ll keep pounding this one point until it is engraved in the innovation hall of fame. If people don’t work together, we cannot overcome the bigger challenges in life. Not renewable energies, nor global warming, and forget about solving poverty.

“Unite the clans!” — Braveheart.

🏀 The sum of individuals is greater than the one, it’s important because innovation is both demanding and exhausting.

We need more hands on deck, overcoming differences and focusing on the greater good. And that’s why any selfish person is not welcomed to our conversation nor is he needed. Humanity is connected with a set of universal values, and innovation is connected with common understanding.

🤝 Collaboration is key in realizing innovation ambitions, if it doesn’t exist then it will never work. Inclusive co-creation anyone?

The 9th condition is both a foundational and an essential one, it’s a spirit to be embodied and protected throughout the process. You have to be able to tune into multiple frequencies with people, and assume the position of being the ‘peacemaker’. It’s not really hard, start with yourself then the people closest to you. And the spirit will spread like wildfire.

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