The 8th Condition: Orchestrate the Thought Process

Now for this one listen closely, as ideas stem out of thinking then facilitating innovation is like orchestrating a symphony.

Triggering different minds simultaneously is both challenging and an art. Provoking thoughts at the right moment and indulging different ways of thinking is an essential skill you will need. One that will help you unravel ideas and perspectives that you never knew existed, nor would you need to in finding solutions.

🎼 Orchestrating the thought process is at the heart of innovation. Ideas are a driving force of nature, and they produce a captivating melody that can be guided.

So as long as you have an opportunity to engage inspired minds, you will be humbled by the responsibility and grateful for the generosity. Thoughts are like threads that can be woven together, there is a correlation between one thought and the next. Even if you don’t understand how they interlink, you need to develop the skill to trigger them and guide them toward the challenge or opportunity.

“With Great power comes great responsibility” — Uncle Ben, Spiderman.

Get to know your session members when possible, become the main voice guiding the conversation. The beacon that guides their thought process when needed, and inspire them to participate. The more vulnerable and “down to earth” person they perceive you, the more likely they will understand and surprise you.

Simply said, you got to relate with the participants for them to listen to you. Until you become a group of nerds helplessly excited with stories from the marvel universe. I can’t wait for the second Dr. Strange movie to hit the box office, that multiverse is a classic.

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