The 7th Condition: Innovation is a Mindset

I realized there is one thing that is very important to understand other than the basic innovation process, and that is innovation is a mindset.

It is the way we view things, be them challenges or opportunities, and the way we approach them. That’s why in innovation we focus a great deal on the way people think. Knowledge sharing or community engagement initiatives revolve around creating the “right” mindset. It is kind of skeptical but I’ve have seen multiple evidence that reflects so.

🧩 The innovation infrastructure starts with people, and stretches unto the practices. And then is completed by the values and culture.

An innovation infrastructure in any given organization is based on 5 levels with a pyramid like hierarchy, bottom to top it is:

  1. Culture: which is based on experiences, basic assumptions, and more importantly values.
  2. Practices: the way we manage people and the process is important to nurturing innovation.
  3. Resources: work with what you have but don’t underestimate their significance.
  4. Processes: disciplined steps make all the difference in producing results.
  5. People: the top of the pyramid for a reason; innovation is all about people and their mindset.

🚀 The way they view challenges as opportunities, how vulnerability is a strength and supports collaboration. How they respond to market signals, not to mention, how they fail continuously to succeed once.

There are multiple innovation management practices like the benevolent blind eye, it means just like how a parent acts as if he is blind to the innocent mischief that’s happening before his eyes. Or stretching goals to keep everyone ambitious and motivated. These are real signs of an innovation culture, and they embody the mindset we are trying to explore here.

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