The 2nd Condition: Diversity of Backgrounds

If you don’t get this one right, Houston we have a problem!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure diversity of backgrounds in any given innovation endeavor. Like I always say, if you get 5 engineers (for the sake of the example) and ask them to bring ideas revolving a specific challenge. Then most likely, you will get an ‘engineering solution’ which is fair but doesn’t help the process.

🔬 You need to get people from different backgrounds to ensure diversity of perspectives, examine the challenge from all angles and present a cohesive wholesome solution.

In 2011, Forbes published a famous study called “Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce”. They highlighted how “a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds is crucial to innovation and the development of new ideas”. A total of 85% of respondents strongly agreed or somewhat agreed with the statements, based on a sample of 321 executives of large global enterprises that make over $500 million in annual revenue. Okay, now I’m sounding more like a reporter but this is so true. and there’s two ways of approaching it.

💥 A diverse workforce is a crucial element to fostering innovation, the combination of different perspectives, knowledge, and experiences is what brings forth the right conditions to endorse innovation.

You can either bring together a group of people from different perspectives, break the ice and start engaging them in an ideation session. Or literally, carry the file of ideas and start going to different individuals from different backgrounds. Collect their feedbacks one by one and incorporate it into the idea at hand. Even better, go for the critics and start defending that idea. If it holds up and he, or she, lowers their guns then you know you have something.

🤓 Focusing on diversity of human capital and participants in innovation activities is a key condition to the process, this will ensure a comprehensive view of any business challenge or opportunity.

Now imagine, if we had an executive, an artist, a marketeer, and an entrepreneur walk into the same room? I’ll let you come up with your own version of this “joke”.

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