The 1st Condition: We Live in a Utopia

A utopia is a perfect world, where nothing is impossible. There are no limitations, everything is possible! Meaning, don’t limit imagination and let the sky be the limit. And this is the 1st condition you have to ensure before jumping into an innovation session. Literally, say it to everyone and make sure no one in the rooms does the opposite.

🌊 The 1st condition to unlocking innovation is removing any limitations, setting the stage and unleashing the waves of creativity. Under the umbrella of a utopia, crazy ideas of changing the world start to spring.

Once in one of my earlier experiences, I was facilitating a session and one of the seniors jumped at the beginning and started laying different things that we ‘have to abide by’. I stopped him, in front of everyone. Clarified that what he is doing goes against the purpose of the session, and if he would allow us to lead then perhaps he will get surprised. You can imagine he was silent for most of it, and toward the end after we generated all the ideas I approached him while he was staring at the ideas. I asked him, “why so quiet, please you should tell us what you think?”. He said, “I’m just surprised at what came out of these guys!”.

☁️ Removing limitations and unlocking the participants imagination is the first step to laying the foundations of a healthy ideation session.

This means if I said where gonna invent shoes that if you jump it will shoot like a rocket and land on the moon! Then yes, it is possible. You know why? Because in the beginning we are following a divergent process that is creative in essence, then comes the analytical approach and we start butchering ideas. Yeah, here comes the fun part!

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