Miscommunication in Innovation

☠️ Miscommunication in innovation is a lethal factor that kills ideas, not because the idea isn’t good, rather because it gets misunderstood in the process.

I’m going to keep this one simple, ideas die because they are not communicated correctly. Another reason is we tend to interpret words differently, one word for me would mean something else for you regardless of definition. Cultures clash for this very same reason, we as humans interpret things based on (1) values, (2) basic assumptions, and (3) experiences.

🤨 As ideas travel from one step of the process to the next, they sometimes get lost in translation.

Just like the game ‘broken telephone’ we used to play as children, words change in the transfer process and start to mean something completely different from the origin. That’s why it’s very important to ask for clarity, don’t think for a second you understand unless an explanation has been provided. My advice is to even document the details in the process so that it becomes a reference point for the next person.

🎙 On the bigger level, not maintaining a clear continuous discourse with the organization and leadership hinders the innovation process.

Bringing people into the innovation journey through consistent communication is critical on so many levels. Just to name a few, It maintains the trust, support, confidence, and constant influx of value added information. I know we can tend to get caught up in the act of executing ideas, but don’t you dare think that this is not part of it.

Some of the most beautiful roses have thorns, don’t let miscommunication be the reason a prospect idea that could potentially change the world bleed to death in the process.

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