I've Been Writing Since the 90s, and I'm Still Learning How to Write.

🏋🏻‍♂️ Practice, practice, and practice. There isn’t a skill that is harnessed without practice.

That is true for writing as it is true for sport, mind muscle is similar to any part of the body. And habits develop because of consistent practice, be them positive or negative ones. And you must be ruthless when it comes to practice, even if there is a reader or not.

✍🏼 In writing, we convey a message primarily to ourselves then to everyone else.

It takes time to get to know yourself, and what identity can emerge from you. Have you ever felt like there is a part of you that nobody sees? One that you discovered recently from yourself? The thoughts you reflect in your writing can bring you clarity, once you pick up a pin or another note in your phone.

🪂 Express yourself without holding back, just write the words then reflect or edit them.

Let yourself flow freely but no matter what don’t stop writing, regardless what type of writing. Since I was young, I enjoyed writing poetry and recently I’m getting a groove from digital writing. Maybe next, I’ll try writing a book. Regardless you can count on me writing some more, even if it’s never published.

🤔 Wonder how far I’ll get with these words, perhaps one day I’ll find myself in writing again.

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