Innovation through Networking

Innovation through networking is one of the simplest theories in the discipline, yet most powerful and essential to unlocking an innovation framework:

  1. Person A has ‘strong ties’ with person B.
  2. Person A has ‘strong ties’ with person C.
  3. Person B has ‘weak ties’ with person C.
  4. Person A is a strong hub, also called high-degree node.

❄️ Innovation through networking is core to practicing innovation where these networks bring life to the process and further reinforce diversity.

Another essential role networks enable is turning non-believers into believers. You are either a preacher or a believer, and once you believe, you preach. In the ‘Quantum Theory of Trust”, innovation is one of the six core layers of knowledge. In other words, it’s all about trust and how you build it. Remember, no one is going to really help you if they don’t trust you at some level.

👨🏻‍🎨 Networks can be designed and harnessed, but will require some form of nurturing.

Engagement points are important to cultivate those relationships, consistency and measurement are what follows once a network is evident or expanding. You have to seek the strong connections and main hubs, then leverage them through activity based forms of engagement. Bring the network to life, analyze and breach every time an opportunity presents itself then cultivate the strong connections you built.

🌳 People trust who they already know, they don’t trust you! Nurture the relationship, and you will unlock the power of networking.

Never make a promise you can’t keep, and never break them if you have made them!

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