Innovation Programs

Bootcamps, Accelerators, Incubators, Hackathons, Ideathons, Call them Marathons if you want, they all fall under the category of innovation programs.

🎹 Innovation Programs are a time-boxed sequence of innovation activities aiming to achieve a desired approach.

Oh this is a personal favorite and a speciality, designing and executing innovation programs is pure awesomeness and a pleasure. I get how they could easily get blown out of proportion and get called weird ass names that sound futuristic and from a sci-fi movie. But they are simple and fun as hell, beauty is that the iteration process is non-stop.

🌪 You can keep improving them until they reach auto-pilot mode and run by a single person, even then, there is always something more to be done. Just like a whirlpool of perfectionism that keeps getting more and more impactful.

Yes, that’s it! They are about achieving desired results, regardless of pedigree, and creating impact. Innovation is about creating value, programs revolve around creating impact; that both directly and indirectly create value. They don’t have to focus on startups and can revolve basically around anything (any type of ideas as a matter of fact, as long as they are conveyed in a specific form).

🎩 Listen up people, these programs focus on the individual rather than the idea; And I have witnessed people change over and over till I bent my head down overwhelmed and humbled.

Allow me to simplify this down, they can be intensive knowledge sessions with practice, cohort learning experiences, and even Guinness level competitions. My advice, apply to any of them and you will never be the same again.

“Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace” — Kofi Annan.

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