Innovation is a Learning Curve

Nothing in innovation is set on stone except the process, the base one that is. Frameworks evolve, ideas iterate, directions shift, but one thing is constant and that is the learning curve. You can examine how each idea, or what some might call prospect innovation, changes with the more data that presents itself.

🚀 Startups call it the lean methodology like the MVP, Minimal Viable Product, and corporates call it a POC, Proof of Concept. Regardless, it is a simple learning curve. And comes at a cost!

Imagine you jump into a pitch dark ocean and can’t see anything, and the area you swim unto lightens up. Just like how maps start to appear in a Playstation adventure game and stays visible. The more you explore and discover, the more you see the big picture.

🗺 That exploration is the learning curve, the price we pay to find answers, indicators, and proof of value. And it takes courage and patience to venture unto the unknown, in hopes of finding the promised land.

Now not to sound too metaphorical, let’s try to break this down to a more practical approach. If you have an assumption, and almost everything we think is, Run an experiment! simple right? Do it in the most easiest way and cheapest form possible, look at the data (whatever is available). Remember, we are looking for hints to find the treasure box. If you’re not sure how to improve your experiment, just ask! Be it a focus group or a big lively “scary” community. Shift gears, and try again. And again, and again!

👨🏼‍🚀 Don’t assume, do an innovation experiment. If you find something that works keep it, and move on to the next experiment. If something is not working, change it and keep trying. The goal is to find the product market fit 💰!

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