Innovation in Writing

Dealing with ideas in writing is kinda like dealing with ideas in innovation. I mean an idea is an idea, right? I’m starting to wonder if there’s a difference between them. But for the meantime I’m going to explore this notion a bit further here.

💡 Ideas in writing are of the same nature as ideas that undergo the innovation process.

They start at the same point, grow as they move along the process. Harvested and nurtured, and at the end of the line reach the market and create a value. People adopt them and build on them, and new ideas pave way for a whole new thinking process full of possibilities.

🚢 Writer’s iterate just like entrepreneurs, they give homage to the analytics and let the market guide them. The goal is to reach a product-audience fit, just like reaching a product market fit.

Perhaps this is more related to digital writers, even so I can’t help but notice some of the similarities. Which begets a bigger question, what are the scientific applications here? Can ideas in writing undergo the same journey as ideas in innovation? Can innovation programs have the same effect on ideas in writing?

🕯 Historically speaking, written ideas have spurred new disciplines and changed mindsets. Incrementally or radically, thoughts are just as powerful as new innovations.

Work your ideas in a logical series of thoughts, write them! These thoughts then become concepts, these concepts triggers peoples curiosities to start imagining the possibilities. These possibilities may become a reality one day.

🤯 If writing is an idea generation mechanism, so is all the workshops that generate different prospect innovations.

The only difference, the first may or may not be a solitary thought process and the second is a collective one. Maybe even more powerful.

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