How to Increase The Odds of Innovation, and The Key 10 Conditions to Harness it.

So yeah, my practical innovation journey started back in 2011. About the day I started my masters program in Grenoble Graduate School of Business, in France. An impressive campus hidden behind the train station, with a rigorous program in partnership with leading innovation institutes such as MINATEC and GIANT campus.

💪🏼 You betcha they worked our butts off, both on the theoretical and practical side. But it wasn’t until i moved back to Saudi Arabia and delved into my professional career that things started to make more sense.

In innovation, we try our best to come up with something new or novel. But get too engulfed in the objective that we tend to forget a few key things. It doesn’t work that way, we need to step back and wear the facilitator’s hat rather than the participant. And that is achievable through the 10 conditions I learned from smacking my head against the wall, a byproduct of a stubborn personality that only learns the hard way!

The next 10 articles are dedicated to explaining these 10 conditions that have to be met in order to increase the chances of innovation occurring:

  1. We Live in a Utopic Universe
  2. Diversity of Backgrounds
  3. Creative vs. Analytical
  4. Ideas Evolve
  5. Facilitate the Funnel
  6. Believe in the Process
  7. Innovation is a Mindset
  8. Orchestrate the Thought Process
  9. Collaboration is Key
  10. Everyone Plays a Role

🙏🏼 Play close attention to their ‘spirit of the law’, and I guarantee you will walk away with at least 1 piece of revelation.

“People think of these eureka moments and my feeling is that they tend to be little things, a little realization and then a little realization built on that”

- Roger Penrose.

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