How the lean writing framework is a great start to your creator journey.

🤦🏻‍♂️ So I’ve fell back into my habit of building by myself, realized it’s a mistake.

Becoming a creator, similar to an entrepreneur, is about building in public. And this is actually simple, write an idea and press publish. Look at the signals, and double down on the signals (engagement and analytics). Do it again and again until you find your niche.

✍🏼 The lean writing framework is about testing and validating ideas publicly in their most atomic form.

“ The big idea here is that before you invest time in writing longer-form content (or building longer-form digital products), you should test and validate your ideas in their most Atomic form.” - Nicolas Cole, 30 Ship for 30.

And I’ve decided to do just that, but build a foundation while I’m at it. One that is based on science and discipline, and sharing the journey while I’m learning. For that I needed to read a bit more and try a few new digital tools. And because of it I have cumulated a new list of things I wanna write about.

📝 Creator economy, building a second brain, productivity, digital tools, digital writing, and much more.

Things that have changed my life in the past 6 months, and I’m sure it will have an impact at yours as well. I mean even just one person benefits, why not? Why not expand project knowledge share to something bigger and greater. Who knows? Maybe that person is you.

😘 I’ll promise to keep writing and sharing in public, even if I only have 3 fans, my wife, daughter, and you!

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