How Sharing the Journey is Better Than the Final Result

🧱 Lately I’ve been head deep in building a foundation for myself to become a creator.

I’ve searched for many online tools and reorganized my second brain to focus on project knowledge share. A new personal project of digital writing and curating new ideas. It has been a life changing experience, and keeps getting bigger and bigger.

📬 I’ve been planning to share them through a newsletter and free guide approach.

I’m sure any reader would benefit them, but trying to build something to perfection and a big reveal is kinda useless. That’s why I’m adopting a build in public strategy coupled with an MVP lean startup mindset. Sharing the journey rather than the final result or end product.

🚗 I’m shifting gears on this innovation experiment to an exploration of digital productivity systems.

Something I noticed that people pay attention to when I talk about them. They are more interested to hear how to leverage digital tools to better their lives and efficiency levels. Though I’ll let you be the judge and decide the fate of these ideas as I share them.

📢 Drumroll please! Ladies & gentlemen may I have your attention, this is a public announcement.

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