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On March 11th 2022, I took a leap into a digital writing cohort called Ship 30 for 30. It consisted of a virtual curriculum, an incredible community, and most important of all is the 30 atomic articles that you publish on social platforms. Everyday, for a full month. Why you might ask? because I was thirsty to learn the 1st stepping stone into the creative arts; and that is writing.

Ironically, I’ve been writing since i was a little kid. I enjoyed essay writing from the 1st time I learned it in middle school, all the way until the masters dissertation I completed in 2012. Not just that, I really wrote a lot of poetry. Still I do, though not as frequent as back in the day. It struck me a while back, that with creative writing a source of inspiration or a moment of epiphany really gets the creatives juices flowing. But the bigger question still haunted me, will publishing the different thoughts (articles, essays, poems, and about any other form of writing) resonate with other people. And most importantly, will it unravel new paths in my life?

Fast forward to today, I’ve been able to build a steady habit of writing. I have some way to go with publishing, but I can see a clear way forward to becoming a creator. Not to say that I haven’t been one all these years, but to be able to build an audience and get your voice heard by the hundreds if not millions.

This is an important aspiration, because it is composed entirely of sharing knowledge that can impact someone else in the world. Someone who might change his trajectory and become of service to others, pays the knowledge forward and from that point onwards. And your little flicker of a butterfly’s wing, can cause hurricanes at the other side of the globe. The possible timelines in this one universe are endless and timeless, that’s why writing and sharing ideas are important. It is important for you, just as it is important to all the strangers that might cross your path across the world.

With that in mind, I would like to invite you to a small journey. One that I believe would be beneficial for you beyond measure, something simple though will become the key to unlocking hidden doors in your life. And I’ll leave it to you to decide which door to open, and which path to follow. Mine is taking me somewhere I’ve never been, uncharted territories, and a life that is fulfilled and impactful. Starting with becoming a digital writer, to a full time creator, and an innovator.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Over the course of the upcoming few months, I’ll be focusing on sharing the key lessons I gained through digital writing. What are the best practices and how does it connect to most forms of creativity and expression. A new series of articles that are meant to unlock the digital writer in you, and inherently, bring out the creative person that you are.

🎧 What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Quite jeddah nights are exactly what I needed, I'm on vacation and there is no place like home. Recently I've noticed I'm getting too attached to work, to a point where I held back some of my colleagues. I didn't mean any harm, but I've realized I have to give people room to grow and figure it out themselves. and consequently, I have to stop myself. My ears are turning red from being over attached to the work!

Unbelievable, how much it will suck you in if you let it. Work is never finished, and the next day there will be more waiting for you to step in. A bit of imbalance on my side that needed to stop, and what better than getting pulled out of the hamster ball and back to where I grew up. Yah, I'm definitely going to change my working style and chill the f*** out. Peace.  

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