Creativity & Innovation

Creativity and innovation are very similar, more than what some people might think. More specifically in the natural flow of the process, they have similar traits and work in parallel to produce what some might refer to as “art”. They both have similar traits worth exploring, just look at how Hip Hop evolved over the years and more styles are coming forth that are just sick to vibe to.

🧐 The fundamental question here is to ask, what are the elements that composes creativity? Which in return will help us understand the nature of innovation.

  1. Creativity is inspired, there are triggers for it and does not spring from the void. Imagination unfolds from many sources such as an experience, a passion, a person, and even nature. Like staring at a dome of stars on a pitch dark night.
  2. There is an element of training and practice, just like a muscle you can build up the ability and skill to catapult your creative juices.
  3. Most importantly, it reflects culture and inherently people. And just like in innovation, creativity expresses ideas or feelings.

🧬 Creativity and innovation are inherently intertwined, up to a confusing point where the difference becomes blurry.

Don’t sweat it, my advice is to pick up a creative hobby and ingulf yourself in the creative process. Trust me, you will have a better understanding of innovation and the process will make more sense. I won’t be the first one here to use music as an example of how innovation works, but I’ll leave that to a separate essay just because it is pure awesomeness to delve into.

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise” — Julia Cameron.

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