Hey, I’m Faisal.

I’m the new kid at the creators block.

In a parallel universe, I’m an innovation professional with a mean neck for designing and executing programs. In the underground, I’m a poetic wordsmith whose been bumping sick beats since eighty six.

Birthday Drawing by Haifa

Welcome to my humble innovation studio.

It’s a virtual space where I explore emergent notions of productivity, the rising wave of creator economy, the intersection of innovation and creativity, and share occasionally inspired poetic verses. Yah, that and innovation experiments in the form of projects.

The vision is to become a main catalyst of positive change and connect diverse creative minds to create value.

Stick around for a bit, and I promise it’ll be worth it.

In brotherhood & sincerity, yours truly.

Interested to know more.

Ever since I was little, I had a vivid imagination of what is possible. That has not stoped till this day, the only difference is I am learning how to turn dreams to a reality:

☠️ I was a victim of disruptive innovation at the turn of the 20th century.

🎓 I graduated with a master in innovation back in 2012 and when I moved back nobody knew where to place me in an organization.

👨🏻‍💻 Using business development as a loop hole, I started my innovation career path.

📹 Fast forward to today, innovation is a hot topic, a necessity for all organizations, and sought after by almost everyone.

🎙 For that reason, I choose to be a voice of practical knowledge for anyone who aspires to build his own innovation journey.

✌🏼 Look out for my posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium.

I share

  • Things I believe in
  • Things I’m interested in
  • Things I’m learning
  • Thing I’m experimenting with

I explore

  • New ways to improve myself
  • New ways to share knowledge
  • New ways to become efficient
  • New ways to leverage digital tools

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